Friday, June 23, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday - the game nobody plays ;)

and the wedding countdown continues for Kristine and Shaun....go check out her space they make those things body sized????

Your Drinking Glasses: these are our favorites....we picked them up at a thrift store a long time ago...however, we don't really use them that much b/c we hate washing (and I don't mind admitting it) we use alot of throw away cups for everyday....maybe one day we'll realize our dream of living in a house with a dishwasher and can return to the grown up practice of using real glasses


My Address Book: I think I've mentioned this before...maybe not here...but our address book(s) have been a source of disagreement between J and I for almost 16 method of recording addresses is typically by first name - when I actually put them in the address book - more often than not I just stick the scrap of paper or envelope with the info on it into the address book...or in the vicinity of the address book...this doesn't amuse J

address book

Something New: Lucy the mondo dachshund's anti-seizure meds...35 mg of phenobarbital 2x day...see posts from earlier in the week for details...we always seem to have an animal with some chronic health issue that involves ongoing treatment...we're just lucky ;)
lucy's pills

alright who played? and I'm still more than willing to discuss Bosom's and the Bosom Hall of Fame...