Tuesday, June 20, 2006

dog drama

it wasn't enough that I woke up in a bad mood, or that it was Monday, but then I talk to J around 4 (after she's gotten home from work) and Lucy the mondo dachshund was having seizures....now she's had the occasional seizure from time to time over the years, nothing our vets have felt was serious enough or frequent enough to medicate....

yesterday she had a cluster seizure...where over the course of a few hours, she would have a moderate to mild one, come out of it for a while then have another over and over....we got her to the vet a little after 5, they gave her valium and the vet took her home with her to watch her for the night....no phone calls in the middle of the night so I'm taking that as a good sign....hopefully J will be able to pick her up after she gets off work and we'll be able to get her on meds for maintenance..

because her little sister, Scout is lonely and missing her buddy...


edited at 9-ish to say....the vet said she responded well to the Valium, had a good night and is very alert this morning...J will get her this afternoon...:)