Friday, June 16, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

time again for Stuff Portrait Friday from Random and Odd's been a long, strange week and I couldn't go on any early morning picture taking adventures so these are all fresh off the camera....

1. Your Puzzle - it's quite puzzling to J, how all these random, half empty water bottles keep winding up back in the fridge....aliens? thirsty cats? who knows?...;)

half empty bottles

2. Your Best - these are my best colored pencils, even though I haven't used them all that much lately they have the deepest color of any set I have....


3. Something “Old” - and something I can recite almost word for's a Thanksgiving ritual every year...J has been trying to download stuff off of her albums so we can get rid of them and this one just happened to be on top of the stack....Arlo is kinda old these days too....anybody want to sing a few choruses with me?????


well, there we have it....who played? and who was born after albums stopped being produced? no, nevermind....I don't want to know that....