Thursday, June 22, 2006

the things we do for love...

J really enjoys watching Texas hold 'em poker tournaments on tv...I could care when she said that a celebrity match was on last night, I was like - yeah, whatever....but then she said..."and Jennifer Tilly is playing"

well that's an entirely different situation now, isn't it?

and as they're introducing the players...out she comes in this orange, 40's style, diva dress with her boobs breasts, I mean, just hanging fact, I'd have to say her breasts were quite tastefully displayed (picture above is not from last night because I couldn't find any of those, but this gives you the idea)

and it occurred to me that Jennifer Tilly's breasts should indeed be added to the "Bosoms Hall of Fame" grandmother referred to breasts only as bosoms because saying breast was I've grown older and wiser, I've realized that not all women can achieve a bosom as it has as much to do with attitude as it does presentation....truthfully I'm not sure a lot of folks even appreciate the sometimes subtle differences in boobs, breasts, and bosoms...

(short definitions, without shades of gray referring to trashier, more guttural descriptions)

boobs = anyone can have, nothing wrong with them, can be great and often are
breasts = more functional, what you tell your kids to call them
bosom = typically only gained after 40, lots of cleavage in a tasteful way, not shown to entice but rather to control and never is the nipple part of the equation

now to save this post from being mistaken for a drooly, letcherous, dirty old-woman sort of thing - let me say I think there is great precedent for bosom respect in this country....and to the women that can carry it off I think you should be recognized for the geniuses that you are....any other suggestions for the "Bosoms Hall of Fame"?