Saturday, August 12, 2006

Foodie Post?

I'm not a foodie....I like to cook, I love kitchen gadgets, I suppose I even enjoy entertaining....but by no means does that make me a foodie....but we've found a couple of things this week that I'm kinda stoked about....

First...we found panko...we saw Martha Stewart make this recipe a while back (yeah, we love Martha, especially after her time in the big house)....and have been trying to find the stuff ever since...amazingly enough BiLo had it when we were shopping last night...we're gonna try it for dinner later (I confess - I do eat fish and shrimp a few times a year...shoot me)

Second...and this is just for me btw because J is a meat eater....veggie meatballs and ribs...too cool, huh?...hopefully they will be as good as the veggie bbq that only comes in little tiny packages...

and I found some iced, peach green tea...I think my green tea obsession may be coming back...

and just to top this off with some extra crunch...we went to the organic grocery store this morning for some bulk granola....smell the patchouli?

edited to add some great foodie blog links b/c I'm stupid and thought I already had...sorry y'all ;)

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