Wednesday, November 30, 2005

didn't I just say

I was tired of being keeper of all things "family" for my bunch?

Evidently my dad did not get the memo....on Saturday as we were packing and moving his and step-mother's house into storage, he informed me that he wanted me to take a table built by his father home with me to keep until they are in their new house (sometime next spring maybe) his father died when he was little so needless to say, I have no real warm fuzzy attachment to grandpa melvin at all other than he's my dad's dad and well.... that only accounts for so much.....this table was something he made (grandpa melvin) and that my step-sisters (damn them) had restored for my dad when none of us were actually talking (10 years give or take) how the hell did I get selected as caregiver? of them should be responsible or one of dad's SONS...not me and my girlfriend in our little house full of hairy animals.....and to top it all off it has his special bibles in it (dad's and grandpa melvin's)...