Sunday, August 05, 2007

not much of anything

just some stuff

* I'm too old to attend hip parties anymore, I'd rather stay home
* I should not shop at Walmart E.V.E.R. without being medicated
* Blue laws suck
* It's hot as hell and I want a car with AC
* Police cars in front of a neighbors house WILL make other neighbors (including me) come out and gawk at your dumb ass
* Fresh SC shrimp are so freaking good
* I absolutely adore a quiet, tidy house
* New cat is bonding well with his brothers and sisters
* I have a serious disorder when it comes to buying cleaning products
* I like to hug our new (old) refrigerator...being an inanimate object, it doesn't violate my personal space issues or rules
* Weekends should be longer than 2 days
* I've pretty consistently posted to this blog for over 2 years now
* I thought for a long time I wanted a kid, but back to school shopping is a huge reminder why it's good we are child-free
* Summer TV mostly sucks
* I could easily live at the beach and never work
* We made a joint decision NOT to decorate for Christmas this year...but we picked up a few kid things for Christmas presents this afternoon
* Sex is a wonderful wonderful wonderful thing...especially with the same person after so many years....I highly recommend it....