Saturday, August 11, 2007

fun stuff

we had an urge to get out of the house this morning and decided to head over to a local used bookstore...the first place I ever worked for real as a matter of fact...we found....


that's a Tannen's Catalog of Magic, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sewing, Whittling and Woodcarving, Smithsonian History of Toys and Games, Gourd Crafts, Draw Real People, Art of Pencil Drawing and an overview of American Indian Art...

dangerous for me to start buying books again...but oh so satisfying....and I need some inspiration...these all have good pictures

J said she could totally see me working there as an obnoxious teenager

next we headed to the local Ace Hardware...our 2nd visit within 24 hours (a friend needed us to pick up a surprise birthday gift for her gf last night - hahaha)....there we got something that J thinks will improve my safety record with wood carving tools...a fillet glove...


it's made of super secret, robot fibers and it cut resistant...

and yes as soon as I opened it and put it on, I headed straight for the knife block...J's back was turned and she still told me NOT to even THINK about testing the glove...geez, I hadn't even gotten the Santucko out of its place...

when we got home, we had packages from leeza :)

leeza book

copies of her original sketch/idea book (with free sharpies btw)....leeza is an outstanding artist and has designed this book with a variety of blank and lined pages and mini-story board frames and neat combinations of them all...with shipping it's about $10 bucks and I have a feeling it's going to be the gift of choice for nieces and nephews this year at Christmas....go check it out, buy a few, and enter the contest!

lastly, my most embarrassing purchase of the day...J said they were cute...what could I say to that? and they have pink in them...extra bonus :)

rubber shoes