Thursday, October 26, 2006

after a long conversation last night

it is clear to me, that I can no longer put off clearing out the guest room and office...after 3 years and with the houseguest coming in about 8 weeks, J is insisting I take the task of getting ready seriously...

this is going to involve getting rid of furniture, getting new furniture, lots of heavy lifting and any number of assorted things I'm sure I'm not going to like...I better get rewarded for all my hard work

so today I did a little looking at furniture and came up with some ideas to share when I get home first impulse was to suggest concrete blocks and 1"x8" planks but I don't think that would be appropriate...these aren't realistic either, but fun to look at...

Bulldozer Bed

Pirate Bed

Mini Cooper Computer Desk

maybe I should take all day Saturday to do yard work??