Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Editorial Cartoonists

I got an email about this project yesterday...interesting, right? guess I'll be reading up on Ion Luca Caragiale at some point soon....

but what's more interesting is the group sponsoring the exhibit - The Cartoonists Rights Network Eastern Europe

Our Primary Mission Is To Make Editorial Cartoonists The Most Powerful People In The World

I think that's one of the best mission statements I've ever read...editorial cartoonists take a big idea or event and condense it into a simple image, often without using words at all...easier said than done....and it's easy to take for granted that the right to do that very thing isn't appreciated, respected or protected in many areas of the world...

Check out their site....take a look at some of the cartoons...then flip to the editorial page of your paper today and appreciate those artists a little bit more