Monday, August 21, 2006

what is this doing in my house monday?

mache experiment

some of you are probably wondering what this is period...which is perfectly's
an experiment I conducted yesterday in an attempt to resolve the "what is the inside of the gourd gonna look like" question...I needed to see if in fact paper mache will stick to a gourd and how much weight it will add as it dries...

the significant thing about it being in the that this will be the first time I've used this technique (and I use the word technique very loosely as I typically make this stuff up as I go)....and it's for a gourd I plan to compete with at the State Fair in about 5 weeks - not much time in my world....

the paper mache is a small part of my overall plan for the dragon's insides...a plan that gets more complicated everytime I think about it...why do I always come up with some bizarre, difficult to execute strategies in these situations?....why can't I just make bird feeders out of gourds like everybody else?....yeah, don't answer that last one