Friday, August 18, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

from Kristine this week

1. Your mailbox....the front steps are really messy right now, but I'll be addressing that tomorrow morning...I labeled some of the stuff...we love, love, love some weird/tacky yard should see the 7' tall fiberglass leopard in the backyard...and no, there's not a good reason I have an old minnow bucket...none whatsoever


2. Your bag...same functional lesbian bag from a few months back - I'll use a bag like this until it falls apart or I find something else...since neither of those has happened, this one is still with me...


3. Your supplies....this is the art supply's actually one of those coaches benches with the hinged out perch on top place to put paint, brushes, stamps, and stuff underneath...of course that doesn't mean there still aren't 3 or 4 boxes of various pencils, different sized sketch pads, and single bottles of paint all over the house....maybe I'll work on that tomorrow too...


Who played? I intend to goof of as much as possible at work today because I've just about had it with everyone there and plan to look at pictures a great deal.....Happy Friday everybody!