Thursday, April 06, 2006

stuff portrait friday

It's that time again - this week's topics were a little Random and Odd....make you think kinda stuff...getting to know your camera was the general theme...which sounds pretty good, but after a day of snapping pictures I'm not sure I feel any closer to my was fun anyway even if I never warm up to her...since I was at both jobs today that's where the pictures come from...and since I'm indecisive I'll post a couple for each thing...

1. Macro: take a picture of something ‘close up’. Don’t use your zoom, make sure you have good lighting and make sure you’re steady. If you have to, set your camera down on something and then take the picture.

stalk of a plant outside my office....I think I also didn't have the flash on for this one because I didn't want to startle people in the lobby with blinking lights...not great but I love the texture of this plant

old cameras that will be up for auction next Tuesday...

2. NO FLASH: try swiching the flash off and taking pictures of your stuff without it. It may take a lot of pictures to get the right shot, but open the windows and find artifical light to get it to work.

yes, blurry I know but taken at dusk outside the armory...I just kinda liked it anyway

another two-fer, no flash in the back hallway on my way home for the perspective too I think

3. Perspective: get up high or down low…either way, change the perspective of your picture..tilt the camera sideways. Change the layout of the picture. Instead of having the subject framed perfectly in the middle of the picture…move it to the left or the right.

huge - really really huge - painting that sold this past was some abstract piece with a funky clown girl in the middle that disturbed big I'm guessing the person who bought it is having to make special pick-up arrangements

view from the base of the plant outside my office...this is the best growing space for indoor plants I've ever seen outside a greenhouse...crazy direct sunlight and on the second floor where it's like a sauna...there were lots of plants there when I started last January and I sort of took over watering and fussing on's a little rainforest...

so who played? who knows their camera better? fess up...