Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Duck Update and related news

J swears that this has become the Year of the Rubber Duck....I'm not sure if there are more of them out there or if we're just more sensitive to their existence because of the duck journal....

but....regardless of either option...I see ducks everywhere now....here are 2 examples...

brochure for upcoming Rubber Duck Race for the Boys and Girls Club...big display in the grocery store last weekend

at the main post office downtown....they have all these glass display cases and the duck vignette is a part of one of their spring decorations...weird, huh?

and my most recent ATC arrivals - which btw I love getting fun mail....and will mention again, I am just looking for an excuse to another set of trading cards if anyone is interested.....but aren't these great?????

from Vicci

from miragee

from Leezy

from CAS

The journal is on it's way to SC, so I'm pretty excited that I'll get to see it soon....one last thing...here's what the ducks in SC are doing until their cousins arrive....sorry, quick sketch colored with hilighters at work this afternoon, LOL....