Sunday, April 23, 2006

No Lucy - Stop Scout

the words most commonly heard around our house on the weekends if the dogs are inside.....

here's my Sunday afternoon weird quirk confession...or at least J thinks it's weird....I love recording different versions of the same song, back to back, by different artists....thanks to a version of "Angel Band" by George Jones and Vestal Goodman, I now think I have almost an entire cd's worth of that song....maybe I should suprise J for her birthday?

update on the rednecks - after a loud public grounding last weekend we haven't seen much of Boo or his skateboarding buddies this week, but summer is just around the corner.....Papa RN told me last week that he had yanked those bushes out in order to park a boat but the dude sold it out from under him...muddy bush holes still remain...he also mentioned in passing something about wanting to bring his ladder and electric hedge clippers into our back yard in order to trim the kudzu (vicious, weed vine that covers everything in its path for you non-Southerners) off the electric lines running from the pole to his house...hmm, is it selfish of me to be charging my camera batteries just in case?

those social skills kinds of things are often challening for me...