Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey...Watch This!!

we are going on a short vacation the first week of May...the first one in almost 5's J's birthday (and a significant one too) we're heading to Western NC to spend 3 nites in a cabin on a creek in the woods....outstanding, yes?

among other things, we will be spending some time doing a little hiking and maybe mountain biking (I do have to remember new pedals for my bike since devil dog has eaten them over the last few months)....

we found this site last nite - NC Waterfalls - and will be plotting out some day trips based on nearby, J makes me promise, as soon as we start talking about hiking, that I won't do anything stupid while in the woods....what could she possibly be implying??? me, dangerous in the woods? where does she get this stuff? I'm wondering if I should tell her before or after I rent ATV's?...or maybe just let it be a suprise when we get there...

hey, I am completely responsible (mostly) and I do have insurance....what could happen?