Monday, January 16, 2006

to all the cars I've trashed

as previously mentioned I had some issues with driving from the ages of 15 to oh say 20-something and during those years I had occassion to destroy a number of as close to chronilogical order as I can remember (and btw NONE of these incidents involved any mind-altering substances)

mid 1970's Honda Civic - mine was that really bright teal color - threw a rod somehow
1976 Volvo Station blue...details are fuzzy on this one
1963 Corvair Convertible Spyder...hit a bump and the engine fell out...looked just like this one
1966 Corvair Convertible Monza...blew the engine coming back from Charlotte on a solo trip to see friends...white top
1987 or 88 Nissan Pickup - not my fault, totalled in a rear end collision but I wrecked it at least twice prior to that one
1988 Nissan Sentra...this one actually lasted the longest but I finally totalled it in a head on collision where I ran a light

I'm not making light of my poor driving during that time...luckily no one was ever hurt...but it is amazing looking back that I kept getting things to drive....