Friday, January 13, 2006

at last

it's Friday....back to normal schedule this week and it screw off time has been seriously compromised...however we do have a 3 day weekend which doesn't include any freaking family gatherings (even though my littlest brother just called and hung up when the machine came on - family is always screened - so who knows what he wants) plans other than some shopping to spend a gift card and a trip a thrift store or 2...well groceeries but that doesn't all in all the weekend looks pretty damn good...

auctions started back this week as well and I was so sleepy Tuesday nite I had to doodle to stay awake...sometimes this annoys the auctioneer b/c he thinks I may not be paying enough attention to the bids...LOL...of course they don't trust anyone else with the computer so I must be keeping up alright...

(crystal decanter, popcorn guy, guitar, glass flower)

(auction Jeannie not to be confused with my Jeannie)

(crystal bowl, droopy lady, little piano box)

and I have to start trying to transfer something like this but with a fancy purse onto canvas with acrylic paint...hmmm, I don't paint on canvas I paint on wood and gourds and stuff so this concerns me

so I guess I do have some other plans for the next 3 days but that's fun stuff and I guess there's always looking at different designs for here since I keep saying I'm going to do something but still it's the same boring layout...and there's always the washers that need changing in the shower and sink....and the oven door handle that's loose....and the belt that needs changing on the dryer....and the straightening and decluttering and going through boxes that haven't been unpacked in 2 years since the move...I don't 3 days is going to cut it....this is why I hate lists :)