Sunday, January 08, 2006

perfect gifts???

I think they are anyway...monthly birthday celebration for my family today - January is a big month...5...4 of which are "us" as opposed to "them" LOL...2 of those 4 are Santini and the golden it is a holy day in Columbia....anyway that's not what this is about....

we went birthday shopping yesterday (only Santini, Honey and kids get gifts, adults get cards)...therefore we had 2 gifts and 2 cards to pick out...we went to Hobby Lobby (which is truly a bizarre experienc and worthy of a post all its own) b/c my niece (big sissy's youngest) is a little artist and we knew what we wanted for her and figured we'd try and find dad something too (we had low hopes but were willing to settle)....instead I found what should be a perfect Santini gift and something I've kept an eye out for over the years...and what should make it even more perfect is that he's retiring (for the 2nd time) next week and they leave for Florida for 2 months next he should have a project (even though I'm sure he has a book of projects) the question is will he appreciate it?

this is for S - I really like this kid, smart, quiet, a little on the brooding side...she may be trouble :)

so....we'll have the post festivity update to examine reactions to our gifts...stay tuned.