Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ralph Stanley

After a perfectly uneventful New Years, we slept late this morning, met Brother T for lunch and went to see Ralph Stanley chronicled on Flickr - Here...turned out to be a good experience...we were a little apprehensive about the whole thing having been to a number of traditional type bluegrass shows, we knew we don't always blend...that queer thing and all...and adding my socially inept 35 yo brother to the mix could have made for a weird day, but it was cool and exciting to see him on such a personal scale....I don't think Brother T was as impressed as he was hoping, but....what does he know?

I've made some good progress on the nursery wall hanging I'm doing for a coworker...she comes back from maternity leave next week so it's probably of that later (I'm on a roll)...

We have the next 2 days off and that is such a happy thing...nothing planned either - we may go pick up a flatbed scanner with a gift card I got from my boss and we may go to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit and we may do nothing...options are the best!...and just a few random shots from our boring New Years!