Wednesday, December 21, 2005

shopping and baking

really not so much baking...just sugared pecans....but we did finish most all of our shopping with the exception of something for my dad and stepmom....I had the great idea of a gift certificate to a really cool restaurant in Tampa (they'll be spending Jan. and Feb. in St. Pete) but I emailed them to see if they'd do it and if they'd be able to email me something showing the certificate and I haven't heard back from them soooo...time to rethink again...they're living in their RV right now (entirely different story) which makes it even more difficult to shop for them....we'll think of something I guess

but the most ironic thing we got was a gift for my cop brother (whose name I drew for the big family gathering on xmas morning) outdoorsman's knife set...I'm guessing the clan will miss the nuance of the vegetarian, liberal giving a an outdoorsan's knife set as a gift, but that kinda makes it even better ;)

drawings and other visual type stuff will resume here shortly - time off coming up and I miss it so....soon well as some sprucing up here....this layout is kinda boring

btw - Happy Solstice...I really dig the idea that the days are only gonna get longer from here till June...that's good stuff