Saturday, December 24, 2005

ghost stories and things unrelated to holidays

I think one of the best things about today is not having to be immersed in lots of holiday stuff so here are a couple of things completely unrelated to Christmas....

The first I meant to bring up at Halloween and just forgot, but I thought about it again the other day and wanted to post before I forget again...ghosts...personally, I'm not sure they really exist and the older I get the more I believe they don't, but as a kid I had an extreme fear of all things paranormal (which just lead to an extreme interest as an adult)...especially ghosts...I didn't like cemetaries or the dark or anything the least bit anyway the street we lived on from the time I was 3 until I was 18 had a really old, civil war era farm house sort of in the middle of it (it was actually a big circle that made up the street), there were acres and acres of small garden plots people would rent and then some woods and dirt trails behind that....the old house was rickety and falling apart...wooden plank built on brick pillars with a wrap around porch that covered most of the front and a big walk out porch on the back side that faced into the gardens - definately the stereotypical southern farm in decay...the whole area was a huge draw for the neighborhood kids, we could ride our bikes on the paths, play in the woods, and dare each other to go into or under the of course we were sure it was haunted and one day a friend and were up there messing around and happened to look up at the same time to see an older looking woman in an old timey looking dress and apron out on the back porch staring at us...needless to say, we ran or biked our little asses right on home and didn't do too much more fooling around up there...years later when I was in high school and had been over at friends trick or treating (okay drinking beer)....I came home to lots of commotion on our street and the ghost house was completely and totally on fire....big orange flames just covering the house...the next morning after all was said and done the house was I don't know if we saw a ghost or if we convinced ourselves we saw a ghost and since moving back here, I've learned that the area (though redeveloped with expensive patio homes) did contain a number of unmarked graves belonging to mill workers that lived in the mill villages that sprung up along the river after the civil who knows, maybe - maybe not, I will say the experience still kinda give me goosebumps even now....anybody else got a ghost story?

the other thing I was going to talk about is how our tremendous dachshund, Lucy, is the biggest drama queen I've ever seen....but the ghost story is alot longer than I intended so I'll save that for later ;)