Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I lost $5 today

ultili-bra color

In my bra.

Someone gave me the money at lunch, I was wearing girl pants
sans pockets, so I figured I'd do what I see so many of my coworkers do...stick it in my bra

Thing is...I forgot it was there, at least until I was on my way home...I only looked so much while I was in the truck because I didn't want to appear perv-ish looking down my own shirt during rush hour, but sure enough...it was gone when I had the opportunity to look properly

Honestly, I was more frustrated by the fact that I see women pulling things out of their bosom all the damn time...not just money either, but cellphones, lipstick, gum, grocery lists and on and on and on....yet I couldn't even keep up with a lousy 5 bucks

I'm gonna have to work on my bosom's functionality

that is totally a self portrait btw

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