Monday, December 03, 2007

the nut museum

nut museum

sounds nasty in a 12 year old boy kinda way, doesn't it?

but, we have one hanging in our foyer....and since I'm guessing not too many groupings of these nuts exist, I think it deserves to be referred to as a museum...better ring to it all the way around...sounds legit even

at any rate, we discovered - well J discovered - during our first year in this house that every so often she'd find a pecan with 3 sections instead of 2...or there'd be a particularly interesting shell or some other distinguishing feature....she started putting the special ones away to show me later....ultimately there were enough to partially fill a small shadow box....of course she had to put a coat of polyurethane on them to preserve their uniqueness...the placement in the foyer was a stroke of genius and I'm sure some feng shui miracle....

I have this secret wish that years from now, after we're dead and only bits and pieces of our fabulous collection of junk is scattered among remaining family members...that someone will still have the nut museum and wonder what the fuck were we thinking exactly....I want to be a family mystery because of my odd nuts....what lesbian wouldn't?