Monday, November 19, 2007


testing the water

a few weeks ago our water in the house was coming out of the faucet sorta dark....not uncommon, it's an old neighborhood with old infrastructure...a truck from the water department had come to check my redneck neighbor's water as it was also coming out dark....

well, I chimed in that we were experiencing the same problem....about that time another truck pulls up and a handful of recently released convicts water department employees get out...

they came to our door with a styrofoam cup and asked for a sample so they could test it....I obliged, filled the cup with orange water and brought it back to them....

I waited for the testing to start

one of them (maybe the supervisor since he had the testing equipment) shined his flashlight in it, they all looked at each other and nodded...."yep, it's the taps for a while until it isn't"

thanks. I felt so much better

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