Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fort Gangrene

over the weekend I decided to attack the overgrown wisteria, kudzu and trees growing in and around our backyard fence...there was a tremendous pile of branches, vines pieces and other stuff after I finishedj...I managed to get scratched and bruised pretty good, thus the gangrene

I also decided to dress up the rusty old swing set by spray painting it with leftovers I had from other projects....it turned out to be sort of a cotton-candy-camo...

then I decided to use some of the larger branches and wisteria trimmings to start a fort....I added a table to a nearby tree, moved the fish chimnea and brought the giant fiberglass panther closer....now it's a good spot to contemplate the world and drink beer...I also have the perfect trebuchet shot at the redneck's storage shed, should I decide to take it

fort shell

tree table

roof top

do I know you

Scout has no shame and was properly re-introducing herself....if she keeps it up, she will be contemplating her world from a different spot in the yard