Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Gourd

gourd pitcher left

gourd pitcher right

gourd pitcher and moleskine sketch

well, not really's top made the dragon's egg in last year's State Fair entry and I decided after the Cherokee trip last October to make a pitcher with the rest of it....but I never got further than attaching the handle...I'd had an idea about putting traditional tattoo flash sparrows on the front and doing a tribal piece on the handle but abandoned that in the spring for some stupid fairy design that never quite worked out...then after pruning a few months ago, I wrapped some wisteria vine around part of the handle to see how that looked....

then I put it on a shelf and didn't touch it again until today....

zuhn's recent post about choosing a design for her new tattoo (bush diving sparrows) gave me the push I needed to return to my original idea (thanks z!)....which I've sketched and roughly wood-burned as of right now...the handle is still iffy...I may wrap the whole thing in vine - or not - and I think I may add a banner that the sparrows are holding in their any's started, which is a good thing since there a whole bunch more waiting in the laundry room