Wednesday, October 11, 2006

observations on Cherokee NC

Cherokee Weekend

well, after thinking about it for a few days here are some general things about our weekend trip....

the hotel was a little bizarre...definately seen its better days (50+ years ago most likely) was very family oriented and loud kids played outside, right off the back door until all hours of the night...dogs were also welcome, so we got lots of random barking too...I've never seen anything like the tub in our was sunken, kind of, more like partially would have been cool had there not been squishing noises everytime you stepped into it...(badly installed liner?)

we went to the Cherokee Indian Fair on Friday and it was really, really local crafts people or artisans like the promo stuff said...only one exhibit building, which was disappointing because the arts and crafts and aggie stuff is always our favorite thing to do at any fair...I kinda got hassled by a reservation cop when I was taking pictures of the tricked out cop car...oops, my mistake, public space and all...shoot me

Saturday we hung out and wandered around after a great breakfast at Peter's Pancake House (yes Lelo the backpacker pancakes were something to crow about, but J said the ham tasted too fresh - whatever the hell that means)...btw, there are at least 4 pancake houses in Cherokee....not sure what's up with that...the town was busy and loud from about 7am until 8pm...there were tons and tons of bikers, loud loud loud (loud was a subtheme if you haven't noticed)....we decided to get take-out from the Big Boy for dinner that night and during our 40 minute wait for our food, the young (evidently unsupervised) girl at the register told us a customer "had been a prick" to her - once our food finally came we were told they had run out of plastic ware and the same girl suggested we go to McDonalds if we needed a fork...I thought J was going to reach over the counter for the child...not pretty

we got up Sunday to clouds, started heading back and hit rain almost immediately....we also found a great roadside shop that happened to have gourds...lots of gourds...gourds that we'd only read about in we bought a bunch...actually we had a really good trip as far as gourds go...I'll try and post about that seperately later this week...

so, bottom line...a nice weekend...not the best choice maybe for a lesbian couple but, live and time we're just gonna go straight to Asheville