Thursday, March 29, 2007

Peeps Puppets

peeps puppets

I really don't like Peeps, they pretty much disgust me on a lot of different levels...but I do like stick puppets - as opposed to evil puppets that attack you in your sleep or keep butcher knives hidden under the stairs....oops off track

I have on occasion made stick puppets - the best of which was the penis puppet who regularly did shows with the transvestite puppet above the cubicle walls of an office where I worked...again that's off track, sorry

Earlier in the week, the newspaper started a spoof of AI, but with Peeps...every day this week one has gotten voted off and at the end of this genius idea...the remaining Peep will win I guess...not caring for Peeps this contest didn't interest me at all....the graphics they used were what caught my eye...there were life-sized color Peeps all over the page....what could I do with that?...there was really only one answer - Stick Puppets

So tonite, I made a set and will most likely have to make another because these were supposed to go into an Easter basket that needs to be mailed to a niece in Florida really soon...yeah right, J didn't buy that for a minute either...I think they may be busy next week exploring...

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