Sunday, March 25, 2007

the game is on

redneck spotting

the redneck neighbor and I play a little game once grass cutting season starts...who's gonna cut the common area we share?...usually I lose and wind up cutting it because I'm a litte OCD about the grass...but that's another issue entirely

so this morning, I made a bad tactical move...I got my lawnmower out first...I just wanted to see if it was going to crank (which it did) but then I realized I had created the perception that I was actually going to cut grass (which I wasn't at the time)....

so the redneck neighbor, ups the ante a little bit and brings out his weed whacker...and then his mower...I'm feeling a little better until he disappears inside for a long, long time...I figured I'd lost again and was just getting ready to suck it up and put yard clothes on, when I hear him firing up his equipment.....sure enough, he caved...


J has started calling me Mrs. Kravitz