Thursday, March 29, 2007

Old Photos - Part 2

Backstage at the "girlie" show at the state fair

in spite of what I said a few days ago about my old family pictures, I really really really love vintage photographs...recently I ran across Shorpy, an incredible photoblog showcasing pictures from the first half of the 1900's...

some other great sites with more of the same, including WPA pieces from the New Deal era

Bound For Glory
New Orleans Public Library Online Photography Collection
WPA Murals
University of TN Collections

all of these are huge time-eaters, so be forewarned...but well worth any time spent digging around on them

edited to add: I hope those links were working today, they weren't just now and I think I've fixed them

Lisa asked and I should have put the info up to start with about the photo above

Jack Delano
Backstage at the "girlie" show at the state fair
Rutland, Vermont, September 1941
Reproduction from color slide
FSA/OWI Collection