Monday, February 05, 2007

Nuns in Pink

I am really fascinated by nuns...they're so not Baptist (which is appealing) and then there's that Lesbian Nuns book from the 80's (which I got a big kick out of)...but I've discovered a new nun to admire...and really this seems to fit in with my whole Valentine's Day theme...

The Pink Nun

Her mission is to "Fight the Filth"
"Our culture presents sex as a necessary obsession and treats people as objects for consumption. I want to fight back by infiltrating culture with a better message...promoting the freedom of self control."
and to "Take Control (of thyself)"
"We are not objects-we are not meat! We are not fast food! We are not to be consumed."
that last one is questionable, but I'm not gonna argue with a nun

She also writes's just one of my favorites

(Words of empowerment)
You do a little ditty
so you can pet my kitty
Don't need your touch to be my crutch
I got plenty of love from heaven above
If you don't wanna know the woman inside
Than step aside, cuz I've got purity pride!

what's that? more poem?...okay if you insist

Time does take it's toll
You're in a state where you can't wait
Your clit in a fit, Why don't you sit
And cool off before you cry
Let out a sigh... And KNOW you're in control.
Love's not clear
You've started to veer
You think you're queer
Don't flee to the first love you see
It's just lust you can't trust
It's never too late
To make the path straight

and like the Music That Will Make You Gay guy...she is seemingly for real...grab your chastity belts, it may get bumpy