Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

from Kristine at Random and Odd - hope the broken thing is better and that Santa is bringing lots of Xanax to you and Shaun :)

1. Your Roof - this is the roof of the yard car that I now have less than a week to get out of yard cars when company gets's a rule

duct tape accents

2. Your ‘hood - it's got that Mayberry kind of appeal and you can buy night crawlers and crickets

cayce bait and tackle

3. Something you wouldn't want to run into that is in your house - they were much more to my liking tied to the wall in the back room like that....I've managed to not put them in the yard up until now...

right where I want them

who played? who's gonna come over and help finish whipping the house into shape before next Saturday when our friend gets here....for a 10 day visit?