Friday, December 08, 2006

furnace installation

I think I can finally bring myself to relive Tuesday and Wednesday's installation

after leaving work early on Tuesday to meet the HVAC guys at the house for what I thought was going to be the only time they needed someone home, I was immediately told that there was an issue with the main power line coming into our house and no installation was going to occur until the electric company had fixed that problem....turns out there was exposed wiring in several places and that we really shouldn't have had power at all to say the very 5 or 6 Tuesday evening that had been resolved (even though I now have a forest of tree and vine trimmings to haul out to the street thanks to the pissed off repairman)....

so Bubba and his helper showed back up at the house early Wednesday morning ready to start putting things together...the dogs were secured in their room, the cats were confined to our bedroom...because there was this big ass hole in the floor they worked through ALL DAY LONG...which is also part of the reason for the fashion statement above due to the fact cold air poured through the hole in the floor ALL DAY LONG

hole in the floor

I had every intention of being at work by lunch time....silly me...a few hours passed and I soon realized that was not going to be the I am looking like the Unibomber and contemplating whether or not a crazy fit of rage would speed things along....


I decided against the crazy rage thing and called work to let them know I wouldn't be coming in at all....Bubba assured me that they would be done by 2 - okay, whatever.....a little before 2, there was still this mass of metal, insulation and parts spread across the front yard


J got home about 2:30 and was afraid to come in the house because my truck was still there and she knew I should have been at work by then....I assured her no contractors had cried or left and refused to come back so she should join me in the ice palace...around 3:45 or 4 they flip the new furnace on for the first time and I reach over to see if hot air is coming out of the vent....yes it was, but there was something odd, something that took a few seconds to register....

there were 2 kittens staring back up at me from UNDERNEATH THE VENT COVER...WTF, Bubba? I pull the cover off, which scares the kittens back into the duct work....Bubba says he can't do anything without removing all of the stuff they've just put it, guess what? they wouldn't even consider that...he goes out to consult his helper and they decide we should pull all of the vent covers off to see if they'll come out....Bubba, you're kidding, right? he's not and off they go

while I am having this discussion, J has coaxed one of the kittens within grabbing distance at the vent...she grabs it and the kitten proceeds to wail and screech while she wrestles it out....once it's free of the vent, I take it (stupid move) and immediately it begins to do Linda Blair impersonations from the Exorcist...outside that one goes while we are still trying to figure out where the 2nd one is....

finally, we decide that it's best if we leave for a little while and try to regroup....we went out to dinner and to run a few errands and returned home with a plan that we hoped would work to get the other kitten soon as pull in the driveway, who do we see on the front steps? the missing kitten....I have no idea how the little shit got out and really don't care - I'll deal with that later....all I know is that we HAVE HEAT and we don't have cats in the duct is good, especially since it's supposed to be in the teens for the next few nights....cold weather sucks for us warm blooded southerners

the last little bit of this is that we also got a new digital thermostat, which J has already put sticky note instructions on for me since I had enough trouble with the old one...I should have taken a picture of that, but I would like to maintain a little dignity...very little