Saturday, November 18, 2006

surfacing - kind of

dragon ornaments

spending the day pretty quietly - well, except for the dogs barking - and I actually got a few dragon ornaments cut and sanded...I'm going to paint them later, just taking a break to play online...I still haven't gotten the band saw out...but I love the scroll saw so it's all good....I changed the template a little for this batch...of course I haven't made any of these in a few years so it was time to update the pattern...I love dragons...I seem to make them a lot...anytime I do this sort of thing is when I feel the closest to my grandfather, I think he would be so amused by the little wood things...he loved making things and puttering around his shop...I wound up with some of tools after he died and they are really some of the most special things I have....don't know where that came from...must have inhaled too much sawdust