Thursday, November 09, 2006

the Elves have landed


as much as I bitch about Christmas, the ugly truth is...I really love Christmas ornaments

no, really - I do

and here's another confession...actually making Christmas ornaments is even better, but that's something else entirely

I started picking up ornaments up almost 20 years ago...I still have the first one I ever bought - and I am a total psycho when it comes to boxes, wrapping, unpacking and packing them...sometimes it's not pretty...but that's not the point

J will tell you the first thing I ever gave her was a Christmas August

they come from everywhere...we try and find them from places we visit...our nieces and nephews have made them as gifts over the years...there is a closet full of boxes with nothng but ornaments in them in our work room...

last week I ordered some from Ebay and they came today...a few, the ones I actually wanted, are in the picture...I'm very excited about the chicken in particular...I think I have J convinced that we might need to pull out some of the ornament boxes from the closet this weekend and start deciding what will go on which return I may have to listen to the Carpenters Christmas Album, but I'm in the mood for compromise