Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm blaming the evil fairies

evil faerie

not to be confused with the radical faeries (who are an interesting bunch of guys in their own right, and a whole lot of fun to hang out with) ...the fairies I'm talking about are the evil, yet hypnotic, ones we've had for years...we found them yesterday going through the decorations...I had to put them out now...we get a big kick out of the evil fairies, there must be at least 6 or so in varying sizes and flavors and as disturbing as they may be to some, they're some of our favorite holiday things...but today has been the weirdest day...

I was late for work
and not just a few minutes - for me anyway - and that never happens
I lost my work keys
I am compulsive about where my keys are at all times - really unheard of
I took a wrong turn coming home this afternoon
I drive a few miles back and forth to work - in a city I grew up in and know pretty well
I took my glasses off to change when I got home and almost immediately couldn't find them
no justificaton for this one, just me being me

so I got to think the fairies are playing tricks...I hope they got it all out of their system today, I'm wondering if I shouldn't disarm the treb before we go to bed

just in case.