Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving and Before

I realized while clearing my camera to take to the family gathering, that I had a number of pictures that had not been loaded on my laptop because it was sick for a few's much better now btw, thanks for anyway, here's what I haven't posted

pumpkin puree....really pretty, but lots of work for about 5 cups of puree

pumpkin bread...not too shabby, still a few chunks in the freezer

new feral kittens...ay yi yi, but they're so cute

oops, a sweet dog shot just snuck in'd that happen?

and a sweet, giant kitty shot...where are those animals coming from?

a new custom-order gourd

lots and lots of fire shots....probably influenced by the amount of beer consumed around those fires

and lastly......worth the wait imo....a beautiful Baby...she looks just like her favorite Aunt Lee

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!