Sunday, February 03, 2008

a long awaited addition

yesterday I finally got a tattoo, I've wanted for a looonnngggg very own dragon

last year I turned 40 and refused to do anything to acknowledge that event...this year, J convinced me that I should celebrate this year and last year's birthday by getting tattooed....I agreed....

so a few weeks ago around my birthday (which is soo not the point of this post :)) I stopped at a shop on the way home from picking up my new glasses...I had a really weird experience there and had no intention of returning, but I googled them when I got home and found this artist instead, Phipps who is currently at this shop in Columbia, Animated Canvas

we met, we talked...I took him a sketch a few days later

First Sketch - Mine

a few more days later and he had turned my general idea into this

Phipps Drawing

we set it up an appointment and here it is....some of the process and the end result...

my colors


color started

my dragon

I don't know why it took me so long to get a tattoo of one of my favorite things EVER, but obviously there was a reason for waiting and I got to work with a really talented artist who I am dying to have work on me again.....soon, LOL

if anyone gets here by googling tattoo shops in Columbia, SC - definitely check these guys out...excellent experience all the way around...

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