Sunday, May 13, 2007

tagged for randomness

7 random facts about me since Patti asked...


1 - I could live on fruit smoothies and juice...not necessarily this kind of juice, but it's a close second

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2 - I am a former gardening junkie and made an unscheduled stop at our local farmer's market yesterday....spent an irrational amount of $$ on new plants for the first time in several years...these are some of what we got


3 - I love old stuff...vintage, retro, used, whatever it's called...this has led to a life of pack-ratting/collecting/hording...but you never know what you may find when you look around our house...for example, this is a cooler I picked up at the auction a few years back...later it will be filled with beer while we grill out with some friends - feel free to stop by if you're in the neighborhood


4 - regardless of what I say, I love our families for the most part...since it's Mother's Day, I'll leave it at that

5 - J sews and going to the fabric store is tortuous for me, and usually for her, if I actually get convinced to go...between my allergies and the absolute pain of looking at bolts of cloth I can't find anything good about those hellish places

on the phone

6 - the phone is my enemy...I don't like talking on them, I don't like messages, I avoid them at all costs...and yes I do own that cute little figurine

us and scout

7 - I do occasionally smile a little (that's me on the right) hard not to with the company I'm keeping in this picture :)