Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday - Holiday Edition

Shaun is subbing this week so I'm gonna play fast and loose with the categories...cause who's he gonna tell ?...

1. One Decoration....this is actually one group of decorations...actually ornaments...they all look sort of grotesque and odd in that pile but really they aren't...much

2. One Gift...this is actually a stocking stuffer...I may regret giving this while company is here, but I was provoked

stocking stuffer

3. Something stuffed in a stocking...this is really stretching it, but I've been looking for a good reason to post a picture of Santa's crotch and it does look stuffed...

santa's crotch

So who played?...and who thinks The Shining is one of the best holiday/winter movies ever?

Is it Christmas yet?