Wednesday, December 27, 2006


please don't touch

I love museums of all kinds...the fact that as a society we take the time to gather like things together and place them in buildings - or wherever - to enjoy them collectively is an amazing thing...however, I have a huge problem with most museums no touching policy...I understand it really I do and I appreciate the damage that can be done to works of art and historical items from being handled, but it's just such a hard rule to follow....

If I were Frank Lloyd Wright's ghost, I'm sure I would have wanted me to touch those stained glass lamps and fact I'm sure of it....the museum guards felt differently (no picture unfortunately, b/c the guards also had a problem with pictures in that exhibit)

and this glass chandelier, is just begging to be jostled so I can hear the plink, plink of the glass chain hitting the glass acorns...again, the guards didn't want to play

glass chandelier

so when I'm queen of the world and am in charge of all the museums, the first thing on my list is to reevaluate the touching thing

and I did receive a sign on how to handle our house guest, if things get worse