Friday, October 13, 2006

SPF - Changing Seasons

Definately time for a change of weather...Kristine's going to Reno and it's all about our switch to fall...

your season changing: a big thing with the season changing is that I have to wear socks - more specifically, shoes that require socks because I hate to be I will usually stock up on multiple pairs of the same socks in neutral colors so it's easier to match them during the laundry lack of sock originality has been a great source of ridicule in my relationship


the beauty of where you call home: there are lots of things I love about where I live...the thing I love (and often hate at the same time) are the trains...we have well-used train tracks all over the city...some run right through downtown and there are tracks everywhere...we live a few blocks from a big CSX depot and I've gone down there a few time just to watch the trains and take pictures...there's something incredibly beautiful about the sound of a train at night


favorite part of the weather changing:
easy...grilling and sitting outside with a fire...and what makes it even better is sitting outside with a beer, watching the fire and listening to the trains...


who played? who's enjoying the weather and who's hating the fact it's going to be cold soon?