Saturday, July 07, 2007

*Updated* Gourd Update


The tattooed gourd is essentially finished and I'm pretty pleased with it and myself, LOL...I think I would have slept with it last night had J not made me put it up...I'm a little obsessive sometimes and won't even try to explain it past that...

My vision for this (if I actually have those in regards to something I'm working on) came together quickly once I got started...I wanted it to look like something a sailor in the South Pacific could have done to keep busy while island hopping at the turn of the century (not this past one either) or during WW2 after being exposed to tattoos and tattooed culture in different parts of the any rate, I'm once again amazed at how great a canvas a gourd can be

I will stop this so not me post now...clicking on the top picture will link to a slideshow of more shots....

lots and lots done on the latest gourd lately.....I've found a ton of inspiration at Vintage Tattoo Flash ....all the wood burning is done, some painting started...I also managed to work two pin-ups on it...hehehehe....I love them

this is fascinating - I know

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