Wednesday, January 17, 2007

milk and bread milk and bread

that's what we stock up on to get ready for a winter storm in the Deep South...we buy milk and bread...just in case there is a blizzard of history making proportions and we risk having to go all Donner Party and I've lost my train of thought

oh yeah the storm...we may get some freezing rain and ice early tomorrow morning...kinda one of those times that it can go either way...just cold enough to make things a mess and shut the City down or not quite cold enough to be anything more than miserable, cold and rainy...I'm guessing the latter...however, I do take comfort knowing that City leaders (even though we don't actually live in the City) held an emergency planning meeting and are ready for the worst...hell, Homeland Security was there so it must be serious...

stay tuned, we'll see if I regret not buying bread and milk beer...

cool icy fractal by tiedyeman